The Data Dashboard

When the Academy commissioned an online interactive data dashboard to offer solutions across the ICS health and care workforce, it was explicit about its universal functionality, providing the information to empower decision-making at all levels, from smaller individual organisations right up to system level. 

The network of BHR health and care partners that contribute to the data dashboard provide a combined workforce of around 45,000.  

System partners currently include three local authorities, two NHS trusts, primary care and the private care sector.

Dashboard data includes, along with other indicators, access to FTEs (full time equivalent), headcount, sickness, vacancy and turnover rates, future risks for specific roles and living wage analysis. 

Through our care planning event we recently forged a new working partnership with SkillsforCare , the strategic workforce development and planning body for adult social care in England.  

The outcome is the organisation's data workforce is also now embedded in the new dashboard. 

The Academy data dashboard has some very impressive capabilities: 

Interconnected charts featuring: 

  • FTE, headcount 
  • Sickness, turnover and vacancy 
  • Vacancy and turnover rates 
  • Demographics 
  • Future risk via benchmarking and staff pipeline analysis 
  • Mapping of staff location by LSOA (Lower Layer Super Output Areas - high level geographic areas of c.2000 people) 
  • Future capabilities will include time series analysis as more months of data are added 

and ground-breaking benefits: 

  • Aggregation of multiple data sources into a single consolidated view of all workforce data from across BHR 
  • Full compliance with strict IG and GDPR to ensure data quality and anonymity etc 
  • Easy to understand, visual summary of data analysis that provides an at-a-glance overview of multiple areas of interest 
  • Use of MS Power BI technology to visualise and drill-down into data 
  • Time saved through automated analysis process 
  • Support for BHR Academy people planning and workforce strategy  
  • Support for data quality improvement and standardisation 
  • Reduction in duplication of central data request 


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