Postnatal checklist

To make it easier for you to remember everything that needs to be done once you are home with your baby we have created a checklist below: 

  • Make an appointment to register the birth of your baby. You must register the birth within 42 days of baby being born. Visit Register a birth | The London Borough Of Havering to make an appointment if your baby was born at Queen’s hospital. If your baby was born at home, you need to register your baby in the borough that they were born, please visit your local council website for more details.  
  • Register your baby at your local GP surgery. 
  • Make an appointment for both yourself and your baby to see your GP for a 6-8 week postnatal check. 
  • Commence suitable contraception if your are not planning on getting pregnant again anytime soon, remember, you can get pregnant 21 days after you have had a baby, even if you are breastfeeding. 

If you have any questions please speak to your community Midwife or Health Visitor. 

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Was this page useful?