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MAU Sister Maria Elena Eugenio with Ward Manager Helen Opara

COVID-19: emergency appeal for your medical teams at King George and Queen's Hospitals

Our staff are currently working longer shifts with added pressure to ensure that our patients receive safe, effective & compassionate care. In this emergency situation, your donation will help us improve staff and patient well being.

Every day we hear about our front-line staff at King George and Queen's Hospitals that, because of the long and unsociable hours they are putting in to care for our patients, cannot get to the supermarkets to buy basic essentials.

In response to this, our small NHS Charity has been working hard to distribute supplies donated by local businesses - bread, hot meals, snacks, fruit and drinks - but we need your help to buy more. Your NHS Trust has over 6,000 members of staff and they need us to pull together and show how much we appreciate their dedication.

Of our £70,000 target, £20,000 is for this general appeal and £50,000 is for the linked scrubs appeal.

Your support at this critical time is more valuable than ever and greatly appreciated. Every penny donated will enable us to supply more to our unsung heroes. Thank you.

Donate today and support your local hospital during Covid-19

Our work

We’re focused on enhancing the quality of your care and hospital experience here at King George and Queen’s hospitals. Below are some of the most recent projects we’ve been able to fund:

Bravery toys for children

To make the visit to our phlebotomy department a little easier for our youngest patients, we provide toys and stickers to help ease the anxiety of giving blood which, if we’re honest, can be a bit scary for adults too!

Reclining chairs for overnight stays on our children's wards

It's really tough on parents when a child is ill and receiving care in hospital. We want to make it easier for families to stay together and focus on the child's recovery as much as possible, so we've provided funding for 30 new soft reclining chairs that enable parents to sleep comfortably alongside their child and stay close by all through the night.

Adaptive wheelchairs for stroke patients

Patients who have suffered a stroke may need to be in a wheelchair for longer periods of time. Tilt-in-space wheelchairs adjust to suit the needs of the patient and can be positioned or reclined to help maintain the correct posture, as well as assisting with even pressure distribution with anatomically shaped cushioning. This can help our stroke patients experience a much more comfortable and secure recovery.

Optiflow Systems

We’ll soon be introducing special nasal tubes to help our patients breathe more easily. This eliminates the need for restrictive face masks that cover the mouth, nose or entire face enabling patients to eat, drink and communicate with staff and loved ones more easily without interrupting treatment.