We are a team of Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and specialised support staff. We accept referrals from orthopaedic consultants for patients who have sustained broken bones, joint dislocations and ligament and tendon injuries.

Key telephone numbers

Pre admission - 020 8970 8180

Appointments - 020 8970 5700

We focus on:

  • providing a thorough and timely assessment for orthopaedic patients
  • educating patients about their injury, subsequent treatment and on-going rehab needs
  • assisting patients with their recovery from injury with a view to regaining mobility and function
  • working closely with the Multidisciplinary Team to ensure patients receive most appropriate and timely care
  • assisting in planning safe discharge from hospital to an appropriate environment, for example home or a rehabilitation centre

Clinics or inpatient locations

Queen's Hospital:

  • Amber A
  • Amber B
  • Tropical Lagoon Ward
  • Day Surgery Unit

King George Hospital:

  • Erica Ward
  • Dahlia Ward