Visitor arrangements

All patients are allowed two visitors per day from their date of admission.

To help make visiting as smooth as possible:

  • Wear a face covering inside our hospitals unless medically exempt. Masks are available from staff at our entrances. You will be asked to wear a surgical facemask if visiting a high-risk area or a patient with suspected or known Covid-19

Do not visit if:

  • you have any symptoms of Covid-19

  • you have been in contact with anyone who has Covid

  • you have diarrhoea and vomiting

If you have any questions about the guidance, please ask the ward manager when you ring to arrange your visit.

End of life care

Two visitors – immediate family members and/or carers – are permitted.


The following visitor arrangements apply:

  • One visitor (the birthing partner) can visit our antenatal, postnatal and Coral wards between 1pm and 8pm and can stay for as long as they wish during this time. Children are not allowed to visit.
  • A birthing support partner and one other can be present with the woman throughout labour.
  • If a child is born outside of these visiting hours, the birthing partner will be able to remain on the labour ward.
  • If you have had an elective caesarean your birthing partner can stay with you while you are in our High Dependency Unit or Recovery area.
  • Birthing partners can attend all maternity clinics.
  • Partners are able to attend all scans. They will be asked to wait outside the department until their turn, when they will be able to accompany their loved one to their appointment.
  • Our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is open 24/7 for both parents, who can be together at the cot side. Visitors must take a Lateral Flow Test beforehand and confirm a negative test on arrival.
  • Antenatal services at King George Hospital

Child Health

  • Two parents or carers can be at the child's bedside at any one time, however, only one will be able to stay overnight.
  • If the child's parent or carer tests positive for Covid-19, the child will be cared for in a side room to reduce the risk of transmission. A Covid-positive parent or carer may be allowed to visit, but only if they are asymptomatic. A risk assessment will be undertaken by our Infection Prevention and Control team.
  • No siblings are allowed unless they are over 18 and classed as one of the two carers.

We are constantly looking at how we can safely extend our visiting policy further, as new guidance is issued; please be aware it is also stipulated that any changes must be able to be done in a safe way, in line with national infection prevention and control guidelines.  

Other important information

We appreciate how important it is to be able to stay in touch with your relatives. Use our ‘Thinking of you’ service so you can send them a letter and some photos.

You can also drop off items such as toiletries and reading materials to our main entrance desk - make sure they are packaged safely with the name and ward clearly marked on them, and we will get them to your loved ones.

We kindly ask that you do not bring food into our hospitals for patients. This is for health and safety reasons as we cannot guarantee how it will be stored or when it will be delivered, and our staff are not legally allowed to heat food that has been brought in. However, if you do decide to bring food in, please understand that the Trust cannot accept liability for the way food from outside has been stored and/or prepped.

We will continue to monitor the situation.

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Was this page useful?