Virtual Fracture Clinic

The Virtual Fracture Clinic (VFC) is a service designed to speed up patient access to orthopaedic care at our hospitals. Patients can be referred to our VFC following an attendance at the Emergency Departments (ED) at Queen’s or King George hospitals or urgent treatment centres (UTC) such as polyclinics.

The clinic runs 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday and is led by a specialist orthopaedic surgeon.

Please attend your nearest Emergency Department immediately if:

  • You are concerned about your injury
  • Your limb swelling is excessive and compressed by the plaster cast
  • Your fingers or toes are unusually very pale or blue

How we'll contact you for your appointment

You will be called on the date of your appointment. If we are unable to get through, we will call again later. Please note, our caller ID might not show on your phone.

If we haven't managed to speak to you after two attempts, please call us on 01708 435 000 and enter the extension 3923 when prompted.

This service relies on us having your current contact details on our system. Please notify us of any changes to your details and make sure we have a number that you can be easily contacted on.

If you are concerned that you have not heard from the clinic after the day of your appointment, please contact us on 01708 435 000 and enter the extension 3923 when prompted. Alternatively, you can contact the team by email.

Send your full name, date of birth, hospital number, and contact details to

Changing your appointment

If you are offered a face-to-face fracture clinic appointment, this is because you need urgent specialist review. Please try to attend your given appointment. For unavoidable appointment changes, you can contact our appointment centre on 0208 970 5700 or fill in our online form.

What are the possible outcomes from my appointment?


If the injury is stable, no further appointment will be required.

Physiotherapy, hand therapy, or plaster room

The injury does not require any orthopaedic clinic follow up; however, you may be referred to any of these clinics for further management.

Repeat scans

Some injuries are not apparent straight away or require a further x-ray to check the bone position. A further scan will be requested and you will then be reviewed again in the VFC or face to face clinic.

Face to face fracture clinic appointment

When the injury does not require operation from the initial assessment and needs an orthopaedic specialist to assess clinically. You can be then followed up in fracture clinic until discharge.


Your injury may require an operation and you will be contacted to come back to ED or we will book an urgent face to face fracture clinic appointment. Our orthopaedic team will reassess you and discuss operative management options and a further plan.

If you need surgery

If you have been identified for urgent surgery by the Orthopaedic team from the virtual fracture clinic or from the Emergency Department, you will be contacted by one of our trauma facilitators or doctors.

Attending for surgery

  • A Trauma facilitator or doctor will inform you when and where your surgery will be:
    • Your operation date and time may change at any point
    • Your management may change depending on clinical status
  • You will be asked to come to one of the following locations:
    • Amber A
    • Theatre Recovery
    • Tropical Lagoon (paediatric patients)
    • Children's and Young Peoples Assessment Unit (paediatric patients)

Preparing for surgery

  • You will be asked to fast prior to your operation. This means:
    • No solid food for six hours before your operation
    • Only clear fluids (water, tea/coffee with no milk) for two hours prior to operation
    • Take your regular medication unless it is a blood thinning medication – please speak to the team if you have any concerns
  • Bring in any regular medication you and documentation (such as Lasting Power of Attorney or documents relating to your treatment that you may refuse due to personal beliefs)
  • Do not bring any valuables, such as jewellery or large amounts of money.

Your instructions may differ slightly – please follow any instructions given by the clinical team.

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