Bedrock Radio

Bedrock Radio

Playing your healthy music mix across our hospitals.

Bedrock Radio is the Community Hospital Radio station broadcasting from The Cornwall Suite studio at Queen’s Hospital.

On-Air 24 hours a day for patients, staff and the wider community. Covering Havering, Redbridge, Barking and Dagenham (east London and south Essex).

We offer two radio stations for you to choose from;

Bedrock Radio

Our main station plays Your Healthy Music Mix from the 1980s to today!

Providing regular local and national news updates, events listings, health info & programmes hosted by our team of volunteers

Bedrock Radio provides relief of sickness, poor health and old age. Plus the advancement of health through the promotion of the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle, having good personal mental and physical health for your benefit.

Bedrock Gold

Launched in 2016 to compliment Bedrock Radio, Great Memories, Classic Hits Bedrock Gold plays a mixture of golden oldies from the 1940s to the 1980s, featuring classical music, radio dramas & news updates. 

Bedrock Gold also promotes a healthy lifestyle and good personal mental health for the social inclusion of older persons across the wider health community across east London and South Essex.


Bedrock Radio is a registered charity staffed entirely by volunteers. We pride ourselves on providing entertainment and promoting a healthy lifestyle to patients, staff and our local area.

Bedrock has a rich history of hospital and health broadcasting with our founding hospital radio stations starting in 1964 that we continue to provide today.

Visit the Bedrock Radio website for more information. 

Ways to listen

NHS WiFi - In hospital and clinics.

Available across both King George and Queen’s hospitals. Including clinics, care homes and wherever NHS-WiFi is available.

Patients and staff should connect devices to the free NHS-WiFi.
Go to your device settings > WiFi > Connect to NHS WiFi > Accept terms and conditions)

Once connected, open your App Store and download the Bedrock Radio App for Apple or Android devices, once installed you can switch between Bedrock Radio or Bedrock GOLD in app and listen using the Free NHS-WiFi.

Alternativelyonce connected your device will redirect you to Spark Media – select the Hospital Radio button and follow links to listen.

In Queen's Hospital 

Bedrock Radio is played in the Food Court 24/7. Bedrock Radio and Bedrock GOLD can also be found on selected TV’s across the hospital.

In the community 

  • Mobile App - download the Bedrock Radio app from the Apple store or Google Play store. In app you can change between Bedrock Radio and Bedrock Gold. 
  • Other smart phones - if your phone doesn't run iOS or Android, then try MyTuner or TuneIn.
  • Online - visit the Bedrock Radio website and press 'listen live' to launch the web player. 
  • WiFi Radio and Smart Speakers - we can be found on most WiFi radios and smart speakers, simply ask your speaker to "play Bedrock Radio". 

Listening via Mobile and WiFi

Bedrock Radio App
A good quality 3G / 4G / 5G / WiFi signal is recommended for the best listening experience.

Weak mobile signal, or services less than two bars of 3G (GRPS / EDGE) may result in loading problems on the Bedrock Radio app, and devices may not be able to connect to live streams.

Data Usage
Using your mobile phone data to listen to the radio uses data allowances, if you exceed your data allowance your mobile operator may charge you for each extra MB used, Check your data allowances with your mobile operator.

You can use your own WiFi (or other unlimited WiFi services) without affecting your mobile phone data allowances.

When listening on WiFi, we recommend a minimum connection speed of 2Mpbs some connections are subject to fair use policy, check with the provider.

If you have any difficulty setting up your device, please contact WiFiSPARK directly. NHS staff & Bedrock Radio Volunteers are unable to support you with setting up your devices.

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Was this page useful?