GP Alerts and learning together

Primary care and secondary work together to identify any issues in pathways or to challenge each other clinically.

This is an example of how a GP clinically challenged colleagues in secondary care, the response and the actions that followed to provide learning. 

Example of clinical challenge and response with actions to provide learning [pdf] 162KB

This is an example of how primary and secondary care worked together and provided feedback and learning.

Example of partnership working and learning between primary and secondary care.pdf [pdf] 285KB



Our trust now has 100% of services for consultant led clinics available on e-Referral System so please refer patients via e-RS. Please note any Paper or Email referrals sent to the Trust outside of e-RS, will automatically be returned without an appointment.

In the event that there are no bookable appointments available on e-RS, please use the “Defer to Provider” option to enable the referral to be managed within e-RS and ensure a clear audit trail for governance purposes.

Please use the Directory of Services (DOS) as it is important that you are able to select the correct services first time for your patients and that our Clinicians receive the appropriate referral.

The following services are currently excluded:

  • Patients without an allocated NHS Number
  • All Emergency / Admissions Avoidance Services (including Radiology, Diagnostic Services, Maternity / Midwifery Services, Dietetics, Podiatry, Hot Clinics and Fracture Clinic)
  • Referrals from Urgent Care Centre / Out of Hours GP Service

Advice and Guidance

Over 80% of Advice and Guidance requests are responded to within two working days so if you require guidance from our consultants and specialist teams please dont forget to use the advice and guidance services available to you.

Relocation of Direct Access ECG Service at Fanshawe Health Centre

As of 1st August 2018, the provision of direct access ECGs will no longer be available at Fanshawe Health Centre in Dagenham. The service is being relocated to the Cardio-Respiratory Unit at Queen’s Hospital.

Relocating the direct access ECG service will provide a safer and faster patient pathway as urgent abnormal findings can be acted upon by qualified clinicians and reports generated more quickly at Queen's.

The service will continue to be provided from the Cardio-Respiratory Unit at Queen’s Hospital, Romford

Monday to Friday, 9am to 1.30pm

Working with our local GP practices

We want to work with you to improve our services, develop better pathways and outcomes for our patients.

  • all consultant advice, please call 01708 504400.
  • other queries, please contact departments directly via the switchboard.
  • urgent issues, please contact


Consultants and GP talking