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Our GP Liaison is the Trust’s link between primary and secondary care. Our services for GPs and practice teams include:

  • Providing you with information about Trust services and facilities
  • Keeping you up to date with our plans through our GP Liaison e-newsletter, GP Connect
  • Helping you work with our Trust to provide better patient care.

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Please note, our GP liaison service only responds to general queries from GPs and other primary care professionals.

Patient support and advice for GPs

If your patients or their families need advice or have concerns about their care at the Trust, our Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) provide support and advice.

GPs news

BHR Academy lecture – “It’s Our Pleasure”: 29 February 2020 (8.30am to 1pm)

On 29 February 2020 BHR Academy Primary Care holds their latest Primary Care lecture update for GPs and GP trainees from 8.30am to 1pm at Queen’s Hospital in Romford.

Topics covered include: All Over Body Pain; Pain in The Back (Spine); Heart Burn (Reflux); Pain in the Backside (Perianal Pain); Hurts Down There (Pelvic Pain); Back Still Hurts (Rheumatology), plus Foot and Ankle Pain

The half-day update will enable collaboration and refresh knowledge.

Organising faculty: Mr S Banerjee (Colorectal); Dr J John (Barking and Dagenham CCG Chair); Mr Amalesh (Upper GI); Dip Mukherjee (Upper GI); Dr A Mehta (Redbridge CCG Chair); Dr A Aggarwal (Havering CCG Chair)

Presenters: Dr B Huntley (Chronic Pain Consultant); Mr S Mukherjee (Upper GI Consultant); Dr T Doherty (Rheumatology Consultant); Mr R Bolton (Colorectal Surgeon); Mr R Vindlacheruvu (Neurosurgery Consultant); Miss R Nair (Gynecology Consultant); Mr A Acharya (Orthopaedic Consultant)

Venue: Education Centre, Bistro and Lecture Theatre One, Queen's Hospital, Romford, RM7 0AG.

CPD points: four (Internal)

To register, please email Christine (


Our trust now has 100% of services for consultant led clinics available on e-Referral System so please refer patients via e-RS. Please note any Paper or Email referrals sent to the Trust outside of e-RS, will automatically be returned without an appointment.

In the event that there are no bookable appointments available on e-RS, please use the “Defer to Provider” option to enable the referral to be managed within e-RS and ensure a clear audit trail for governance purposes.

Please use the Directory of Services (DOS) as it is important that you are able to select the correct services first time for your patients and that our Clinicians receive the appropriate referral.

The following services are currently excluded:

  • Patients without an allocated NHS Number
  • All Emergency / Admissions Avoidance Services (including Radiology, Diagnostic Services, Maternity / Midwifery Services, Dietetics, Podiatry, Hot Clinics and Fracture Clinic)
  • Referrals from Urgent Care Centre / Out of Hours GP Service

Advice and Guidance

Over 80% of Advice and Guidance requests are responded to within two working days so if you require guidance from our consultants and specialist teams please dont forget to use the advice and guidance services available to you.

Axe the fax: NHS fax shutdown

In December 2018, the Department of Health banned the NHS from buying fax machines. They also ordered a complete phase-out by April 2020. This includes all NHS organisations such as hospitals, GP surgeries, and CCGs.

Fax machines are redundant technology. We now have access to a secure email service (NHSmail). Services within our trust can use a NHSmail mailbox to replace their fax machine. This is more secure and efficient. It does make us more reliant on email should there be a technical issue. NHSmail is a managed service and any issues incur minimal downtime.

The Department of Health now monitors NHS organisations on a quarterly basis until they are ‘fax free’.

The target is to have fax alternatives in place by 31 March 2020. We will support internal departments, CCGs, and GPs to provide fax alternative solutions. We will provide regular updates on operational changes and when internal departments become fax free.

Paper referrals

As of October 2018, the trust has no longer accepted paper referrals. Further information can be found in our website news story.

Sending secure information

Do you currently send us faxes? Then your organisation will need to a find an alternative way to send us secure information after 31 March 2020. You need to contact the department on how to send secure information.

We are able to use NHSmail to send encrypted information. This means we can send personal information to an email address that does not end “” or “”.

You may not be able to, depending on your organisation.

Fax shut down progress

CCGs will receive a list of departments, existing fax numbers, and fax alternatives. Once a Trust department’s process is agreed and a mailbox created, we will monitor the inbox and inform the CCG.

Email downtime and resilience

We use NHSmail which is a national email service. Downtime does happen but this has rarely been for more than a couple of hours. If you are unable to send an email - unless otherwise indicated by a particular department - please send it via post.

BHRUT and NELFT diabetic foot multi-disciplinary team

A new diabetic foot multi-disciplinary team has been set up with dedicated clinics launched.

The team was set up as a joint collaboration between our Trust and NELFT as a response to local health needs and national guidance. The clinics are available at both Queen’s and King George Hospitals.

These clinical sessions are for patients experiencing limb-threatening and life-threatening diabetic foot problems. Open referral access to MDT is via a dedicated e-mail address (

We encourage GPs, Podiatrists, and Emergency Departments to use this pathway . This will reduce the emergency admissions rate for our diabetic patients. There will be access to dedicated Podiatrists, Vascular surgeons, Diabetologists, and orthopaedic input.

We expect that this new service will:

  • Reduce diabetes-related lower limb and foot amputation rates
  • Reduce average length of stay in hospital
  • Reduce number of admissions via the Emergency Department
  • Support ward rounds and provide in-reach to patients on wards

Please note: this is not a replacement to existing NELFT Community Podiatry Services. Referrals should continue in the usual way. Patients can be referred via choose and book system (ERS). GPs are advised to search under "podiatry" and select "at risk foot".

Referrals to our services

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