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Work experience placements

Due to Covid-19 and the increase in winter pressures we have decided to put all virtual work related learning and onsite placements on hold. We will assess the situation and any current infection and prevention control actions in order to decide what the next steps will be. You and your family’s safety is important to us. We understand that this is an extremely difficult time for students.

There will be no virtual or face to face interaction until further notice.

Did you know?

Are you aware of how many job roles exist within the NHS? At a young age it is vital to keep your options open as your opportunities are endless with more than 350 different job roles to choose from. You might find another interest and another career path. Please visit the Step Into The NHS website for more details.

Please makesure you make contact with the correct person/department regarding the type of experience you require.

Medical Work Experience (Doctors, Surgeons or Consultants)

Currently any Work Experience shadowing doctors, surgeons or consultants have been suspended until further notice. For any further queries please contact 

Elective placements (Nursing)

Please be advised this type of placement is for Universtiy students only. We are currently unable to accommodate any Nursing elective placement requests for clinical areas.For any further queries please contact mary.o'

Non-Medical Work Experience ‘GET IN’ Work Experience Programme (aged 16+)

There will be no virtual work related learning or onsite work experience placements until futher notice. We apologise for any inconvience caused. 

For any other queries our email is

Work Related Learning

Live chats

A one hour experience for students to meet our staff and ask questions about their job role and learn about their career pathways. Please go to the bottom of this page to see if we have a live chat that is of benefit to you. These are listed on the expression of interest form, which you must complete in order to receive a virtual invitation.

Student SOS

Health and Wellbeing Sessions

Coming soon.

Insight into BHRUT Workshops

Coming soon.

For any other queries, our email is 

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Educational clips for students

Expression of interest for work experience

Please do not submit an expression of interest if you are under the age of 14 as we will be unable to consider your application. 

If you meet the essential criteria, please submit an Expression of Interest by completing the form below.

Please ensure you include all the information required. If you do not meet the criteria or do not send all the necessary information we will not be able to process your request. If your expression of interest meets all criteria you will be sent the relevant application forms for you to complete.

If you do not receive a response within three months of your initial request, you should assume that there is no availability at this time. 

Please note 

We only offer a structured work experience programme for medical and nursing placements. Medical work experience programmes are only available to students in Year 12 and above. Please do not submit an expression of interest for any medical related (Doctor/Surgeon/Consultant shadowing) or general nursing placements as we are unable to process these requests.

Each expression of interest must include the following information:

Note: Questions marked by * are mandatory

  Yes No
*This is a mandatory field. Are you aware that your form will not be processed if you are looking for a medical placement i.e. Dr/Surgeon or Consultant? Any queries regarding medicine/Doctor's please contact the Medical Education team:
*This is a mandatory field. Are you applying for a non-medical placement? If "yes" at this moment in time your application will not be processed as we are currently not holding any onsite placements. We are only offering virtual experiences such as Live Chats.
*This is a mandatory field. Are you applying for a Live Chat or Virtual Programme? If "Yes" please continue to answer all the following questions and make sure you answer question 17. Please check what you are applying for and check the title and who is hosting the live experience.

  Yes No
*This is a mandatory field. I understand that in order for me to join a Barking Havering and Redbridge Work Experience Live chat I must download MS Teams on the device I intend on using
*This is a mandatory field. I understand that this is an opportunity for me to better my career and I will be kind and courteous during the live chat
*This is a mandatory field. In order to be successful with this application you must tick "YES" to the following: I accept and agree that my name will be visible during the programme. I agree not to share any names i have seen with others outside of the programme. I agree not to have anyone else present in the room who as not applied for the programme themselves.

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