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Trust Temps

Trust Temps

If you’re looking for flexible work that suits your lifestyle, or considering a different role after retirement or simply planning to return to work after a break, then why not join our in-house Trust Temps. We can offer you a wide range of temporary and part-time work opportunities.

Our Trust Temps team offers flexbile work for doctors, nurses, midwives, healthcare assistants, allied health professionals, administrative, clerical and management staff. 

Contact our Trust Temps team

Trust Temps Recruitment email:

Trust Temps Bookings email:

Trust Temps Payroll email:

Telephone 01708 435 000 

Trust Temps extension numbers

Medical Bookings

4788/ 3516

Nursing Bookings


Clerical Bookings


AHP/PTS Bookings


Payroll enquiries


Bank Recruitment

2851/ 3087/ 3299/ 4704/2510





Benefits of working as a flexible worker

  • competitive rates of pay
  • paid annual leave
  • NHS pension scheme
  • training and development opportunities
  • weekly pay

Pay rates

Our rates of pay are competitive.

Trust Temps non-medical rates

    Band 2 (£) Band 3 (£) Band 4 (£) Band 5 (£)
Day General 11.16 12.55 14.23 16.19
Specialist N/A N/A N/A 18.23
Saturday and night times General 12.83 14.44 16.37 18.62
Specialist N/A N/A N/A 21.81
Sundays and bank holidays General 15.73 16.95 19.22 21.86
Specialist N/A N/A N/A 25.6
    Band 6 (£) Band 7 (£) Band 8 (£) Band 9 (£)
Day General 19.54 21.37 28.5 48.61
Specialist 20.18 22.04 N/A N/A
Saturday and night times General 22.47 26.45 34.99 55.9
Specialist 24.85 27.91 N/A N/A
Sundays and bank holidays General 26.38 31.06 41.08 65.62
Specialist 28.85 32.76 N/A N/A

Medical locum pay rates and remuneration for additional clinical activity

Grade & shift type Hourly Rate
Foundation year 1 Core

£20 (Ex WTR)

£22.41 (Inc WTR)


£24.00 (Ex WTR)

£26.90 (Inc WTR)

Foundation year 2 Core

£30 (Ex WTR)

£33.62 (Inc WTR)


£36 (Ex WTR)

£40.35 (Inc WTR)

Registrar (ST1-2) / Core Medical Training Core

£32 (Ex WTR)

£35.86 (Inc WTR)


£38.40 (Ex WTR)

£43.03 (Inc WTR)

Registrar (ST3+) Core

£40 (Ex WTR)

£44.83 (Inc WTR)


£48 (Ex WTR)

£53.79 (Inc WTR)

ST3+ Emergency Department Core

£50 (Ex WTR)

£56.04 (Inc WTR)


£60 (Ex WTR)

£67.24 (Inc WTR)

Specialty Doctor / Staff Grade Core

£45 (Ex WTR)

£50.43 (Inc WTR)


£54 (Ex WTR)

£60.52 (Inc WTR)

Associate Specialist Core

£50 (Ex WTR)

£56.04 (Inc WTR)


£60 (Ex WTR)

£67.24 (Inc WTR)



£60 (Ex WTR)

£67.24 (Inc WTR)


Emergency department:

£75 (Ex WTR)

£84.05 (Inc WTR)



£72 (Ex WTR)

£80.69 (Inc WTR)


Emergency department:

£90 (Ex WTR)

£100.86 (Inc WTR)

Assessment process

As part of the assessment process for some roles, you may need to take a written test. For example:

Nursing and midwifery drug calculation test ­
Health care assistants basic literacy and numeracy test ­
Administrative and clerical basic literacy, numeracy and filing test

Read more about our testing process [pdf] 234KB and see some tops to interview success [pdf] 215KB.

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We have a wide range of flexible, temporary and part-time opportunities.

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