Trust Temps text alert service

If you want to pick up extra hours, check out our nifty text alert service which notifies you of unfilled shifts. With a few taps, you can tell us you’d like to join the duty – or if the shift has already been filled – tell us you’re available to work.

Picking up a shift

If you receive a text offering a shift and you’re interested and available, follow these steps:

  1. tap reply
  2. enter the three digit code at the beginning of the alert followed by a space and the word yes.

Remember to format your reply exactly as described because our fancy system receives your message, analyses the response and sets up your shift.

So for example:

An example new text alert

SMS reply to alert

The message code is 810. Your reply would be:

810 Yes

The example text alert reads:

810 If you can work the early shift (07.15 - 13.15) at Astor Ward on 14-11-2014, please reply with 'code Yes' to book the duty.

What happens next

We will then text you back to let you know that you’ve booked on the shift. If it’s already been taken, we’ll note that you’re available should anything else come up.

Our reply will look something like this:

Our reply to SMS alert

The reply will include confirmation of date, time, ward or area, and a reference number should you need to contact us for any reason.

The example text confirmation reads:

You are confirmed to work early shift (07.15 - 13.15) at Astor Ward on 14-11-2014 with reference number 1114000013

sms reply


If you book yourself on a shift and find you’re unable to attend, you must let us know, by phone, as soon as possible so we can send the notification back out.

Don’t forget, you’ll still be able to log into Employee Online to book shifts directly, too.

Remember, never assume a shift has gone and there are always shifts available – we’re always looking for people to fill in at short notice.

How else we’re using the system

We may also send you information we think you might need to know rather than writing to you. If you don’t want to receive text messages from us, please let us know.

  • Telephone 01708 435000 extension 2292, option 2

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Was this page useful?