System financial recovery plan

System financial recovery plan

System financial recovery plan

We all know that we face many challenges in the NHS, across our boroughs and nationally. Our local population is increasing, people are living longer and with very complex conditions, and we have significant financial difficulties.

We also know that services aren’t currently delivered in a way that is best for patients – for example, people are treated in hospital when they could be cared for in the community. This isn’t sustainable – and more importantly, it doesn’t offer the best care and the best experience for our patients and their families.

So we need to do things differently – and that means making sure the right services are delivered in the right place. If we get that right, from our hospitals to our GPs through to community care, it enables us to continue to provide high quality care into the future.

And as well as for our patients, one of the biggest benefits is it means we use our money more efficiently, and get our finances back on track.

We’re working closely with our partners (our commissioners, our GPs, NELFT and our local authorities) and have developed our first ever system-wide financial recovery plan, looking at our financial resources together, not just within each organisation.

And we can deliver this plan by doing things better.

The areas we are focusing on in particular are older people, those with long-term conditions, and looking at outpatient appointments in the community. 

We will keep you updated as we progress. In the meantime you can find out more in our system recovery plan and frequently asked questions

Appendix 1 - BHRUT FRP21

Appendix 2 - Drivers of the Deficit

Appendix 3 - BHR FRP Project Planning Assumptions