Telephone numbers for Paediatric Phlebotomy

Information and phone numbers for booking a paediatric appointment for Phlebotomy

King George Hospital

  • Appointment only for children aged 3-12yrs. Book by Direct Line on 0208 970 5817.

Queen's Hospital

  • Children under 3 years need to book an appointment in the children’s outpatients as above.
  • Children 3-12 years can book an appointment in COPD, (childrens’ outpatients) to have bloods taken on Direct line 01708 435289. 
  • Children between ages 5-12 years can pull a ticket for the walk in service on the ground floor and wait with other patients until their number is called
  • Children up to 18 years of age with special needs, refusers and needle phobics can have a blood test booked at Queen’s on the Direct Line number as above.

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