Pituitary disorders clinic

Our team of specialist surgeons, endocrinologists, nursing staff and support staff work together to produce the best outcomes for patients with conditions of the pituitary gland and the pituitary region.

Key telephone numbers

01708 435 000 ext 2088 or 2087

Conditions we commonly treat

  • Pituitary adenoma (a common benign tumour arising within the pituitary gland)
  • Craniopharyngioma (a type of brain tumour derived from pituitary gland embryonic tissue)
  • Rathke’s Cleft Cyst (a benign growth found on the pituitary gland)

Patients with these conditions undergo specialist assessment and diagnosis before treatment is recommended.


Surgery may be required either to address inadequate or excess levels of pituitary hormones or to relieve the pressure effects of pituitary tumours. Surgery may also provide the best way to reach the correct diagnosis and commonly improves the outlook for many tumour-related pituitary disorders.

Surgery to the pituitary region may be undertaken via a variety of anatomical routes. The transsphenoidal route (via the nose) is a common approach and may be done using an endoscope (an operating telescope) or an operating microscope.  Surgery is frequently done jointly between a neurosurgeon and a rhinological (nose) surgeon.

The pituitary team co-ordinate their treatment plans for each patient via a regular multi-disciplinary team meeting and also in two specialist clinics at which a neurosurgeon and an endocrinologist are present.

Key staff

Visiting Consultant Endocrinologist: Dr James Ahlquist
Consultant Endocrinologist: Dr Nemanja Stojanivoc
Neurosurgery: Mr Jonathan Benjamin and Mr Jonathan Pollock
Rhinological surgeon: Mr Hesham Kaddour
Neuroradiology: Dr Sanjiv Chawda and Dr Sharam Derakhshani
Consultant Anaesthetist: Dr Kanthi Raveendran and Dr Sriram Ramamurthy
Oncology: Dr Eliot Sims and Dr Emma Staples
Optometry: Bernadette McCarry
Senior Theatre Sisters: Ruth Sparks and Charlotte Lowe
Neurosciences Matron: Bev Thomas

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Was this page useful?