Palliative Care

We provide an advisory service mainly for inpatients but some outpatients. In addition to the direct work we do with patients and relatives, we also invest a significant amount of time and energy in education. This is because all health care professionals require palliative care skills in order to provide patient centred and holistic care to patients living with progressive illness.

Key telephone numbers

Advice lines: 

Queen’s Hospital - 01708 435 026

King George Hospital - 020 8970 8002

Cancel or change your appointment - 01708 435 026

What type of treatments are available in our service?

Our Specialist Palliative Care Team consists of three consultants, a specialist registrar, lead nurse, clinical nurse specialists, social worker, occupational therapist, discharge nurse, end of life care facilitators and admin/secretarial support. Our expertise covers complex symptom control (pain management, nausea and vomiting, breathlessness etc.), social issues, complex discharge planning, psychological and spiritual support.

Clinic locations

Our team provide a face to face service seven days a week at both King George and Queen’s hospitals, 9am-5pm Monday to Friday. A Clinical Nurse Specialist is also available at Queen’s Hospital between 8am-4pm, Saturday and Sunday. There is also out of hours telephone advice line for health care professionals which is manned by our on-call consultant.

Referrals and other information

Patients and their relatives are able to self-refer to the Specialist Palliative Care Team via the health care professionals looking after their care or by directly contacting the team on 01708 435 026. A health care provider would need to complete a referral form, available by calling the same number. 

Advance Care Planning 

Advance Care Planning is a voluntary process of discussion about future care between an individual and their care providers, friends and family.

These discussions should be documented, reviewed regularly and communicated to key persons involved in their care. Decisions are made when the individual has capacity and only come into effect when the individual no longer has capacity to make decisions for themselves.

For more information, download our  Advance Care Planning leaflet