Paediatric Hot Clinic

Our hot clinic provides an opportunity for GPs to contact a Paediatric Consultant so they can discuss a referral, or seek advice about treatment options for sick children. It is a consultant delivered service aimed at providing  an urgent senior paediatric opinion for children who are not ill enough to be referred to our emergency department but cannot wait for a routine out patients department consultation. 

Key telephone numbers

A consultant paediatrician can be contacted on 01708 435 000 ext 6134 for clinical queries only, Monday to Friday between 9am to 5pm.

Please note that all Hot Clinic administration queries (such as to check if a referral has been received) need to be made to 01708 435 000 ext 2675/2578.


Please discuss all referrals with the paediatric consultant (ext 6134 as above) who is available on the Hot Line Monday-Friday between 9am to 5pm to ensure the referral is appropriate for the Hot Clinic.

  1. Download and complete the Paediatric hot clinic referral form
  2. Email the referral form to us 

Referrals will not be accepted until discussed with the consultant and the name of the accepting consultant is included on the referral form. The referral must contain all patient identification details, including the parent’s contact numbers and the accepting consultant’s name. We will be unable to process any referrals without this information.