The  BHR orthotics service provides a range of orthotics, allowing us to help and support other services both at the hospital, and in the community. The orthotics service can be accessed through a referral from a hospital consultant or a Redbridge based GP and sometimes your therapist can also refer.

Orthotics are devices that assist different parts of the anatomy to mobilise or immobilise the body’s function. For example, upper and lower limb braces, abdominal, spinal and cervical supports, wrist splints, collars, knee brace and foot orthotics.

Key telephone numbers

King George Hospital - 0208 970 5751 

Queen's Hospital -  01708 503 187  

The department opening hours are from 8am - 4pm Monday to Friday.


The Orthotics department is located in our main outpatient department.

Key staff

The team comprise various contracted orthotists from a range of companies and in-house orthotics assistants who will assist you in your appointment and supply of the actual orthotic device.