We treat severe types of orthodontic malocclusions (misalignment or incorrect relation of the teeth between the two dental arches). We liaise closely with primary providers of orthodontics and other hospital based specialty services.

The conditions we treat fall into four main groups:

1. Orthodontics with oral surgery problems such as impacted canines (where a tooth fails to grow and remains buried in the jaw), supernumerary (extra) teeth, and other impacted teeth excluding wisdom teeth.

2. Significant growth problems affecting the jaws whose treatment is likely to involve orthodontics combined with jaw surgery from the maxillofacial specialty. Other patients require functional orthopaedic appliances during the teenage years.

3. Orthodontics combined with the restorative dentistry specialty for hypodontia (developmental absence of teeth) or teeth missing as a result of trauma, in conjunction with the General Dentist who would provide the replacement of missing teeth however, any severe cases of missing teeth we would not be able to treat at Queen’s Hospital as we do not have a department of Restorative Dentistry and such cases should be referred appropriately

4. Special needs groups: Orthodontics for patients with cleft lip and palate and/or other cranio-facial disorders combined with the regional cleft team. Patients with complicated medical or disability management problems requiring orthodontics are also seen.

We are linked with the Great Ormond Street / St Andrew’s and Broomfield cleft lip and palate team. We also liaise with London teaching hospitals in planning treatment for hypodontia patients.

Patients with jaw growth problems and impacted teeth are treated in co-ordination with the Maxillofacial specialty at Queen's. 

We accept transfer cases from other hospital Orthodontic departments when a patient moves into the area. A letter from the referring hospital is needed.

Children have a dedicated orthodontic area within the children’s outpatients department on the first floor. The reception desk is in the right-hand corner by the fish tank. Adults are seen in our Outpatients Department, Team 2, in the maxillofacial area.

Cancel or change your appointment

If you need to cancel or change your appointment you can complete a form or call the number of your appointment letter

Key telephone numbers

The reception team can be contacted on: 01708 435 000 extension 2579, Monday to Friday.

Our Lead Consultant Orthodontist is Dr Ahmed Din and our support staff includes Speciality Doctors, Postgraduate Registrars and registered Orthodontic nurses.


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