Oncology and haematology outpatient departments

Key telephone numbers

  • Advice line: 01708 503191
  • Reception: 01708 435000 ext 3070
  • Cancelling or changing your appointment: 0208 9708182

Key staff

  • Our Senior Staff Nurse is Shirley Ambat
  • Our Lead nurse for Sunflower and Oncology Outpatients is Jodi Brooking 
  • Our Matron is Madeleine Glover 

What types of treatments are available?

  • Sub-cutaneous Hercptin Clinic
  • Sub-cutaneous Velcade Clinic
  • Radiotherapy Ad Hoc Dressing Clinic -
  • Other supportive interventions for our haematology and oncology patients

Preparing for your appointment

There is usually no specific preparation you need to do before you attend your outpatient appointment. 

When booking for a Hercptin or Velcade Clinic, our nursing team or appointments team will advise you of any specific preparation requirements.

Clinic location

Ground Floor
Queen's Hosptial
Rom Valley Way


Hand2Hold patient facing advice leaflet, produced by Clic Sargent and Teenage Cancer Trust

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Was this page useful?