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Don’t let a home DIY project ruin your Easter weekend with a trip to the Emergency Department

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Spring has definitely sprung and a lovely four-day weekend is fast approaching, with the opportunity to get lots of DIY projects started at home.

As spring Bank Holidays often see a rise in people going to the emergency department (ED) with DIY-related injuries, we want to encourage you to take care so you can make the most of the long-weekend, rather than spend it in our hospitals.

Michael Golding, an ED consultant, said: “It may sound obvious, but we really want people to take care of themselves so they can enjoy the bank holiday weekend being happy with their families, rather than having to come to our hospitals.

“DIY projects are popular in spring, and a longer weekend makes it the perfect time to get started. No one ever sets out to have an accident or injure themselves, but it does happen. So read instructions thoroughly when using any equipment or tools, heed safety advice, get someone to help you with larger projects and don’t take on too much at once.”

Other tips to keep safe include:

  • Watch your hands with nail guns
  • Get someone to act as a spotter by holding the ladder at the bottom
  • Wear safety googles to protect your eyes from flying debris
  • Use the right tools for the job and take extra care with power tools and saws
  • Wear the correct kit – including appropriate footwear.

Please remember that our EDs are for emergencies only, such as choking, chest pain, blood loss or blacking out. Most people can get the care they need more quickly and conveniently in the community.

Pharmacies can offer advice for minor ailments and GP hubs have urgent appointments available from 9am to 4pm on Good Friday and Easter Monday, and on Saturday 15 April and Easter Sunday they’re open from 8am to 8pm. Book an appointment by calling 020 3770 1888 or NHS 111.

Dr Golding also advised people to be sensible when drinking alcohol, and not to take risks on the road. He added: “Don’t ruin a special family time by having the emergency services turn up on your doorstep to deliver bad news.”

For more information on healthcare over the bank holiday weekend, visit the get the right care for you page.


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