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Diaries to help create memories for intensive care patients

Pictured are some of our neuro intensive care staff

Families with a critically ill relative at Queen’s or King George hospitals have been making use of special diaries – where they can record family events and other information for their loved one when they wake up.

The diaries, which were funded from donations our charity, the King George and Queen’s Hospitals Charity, help patients make sense of the time lost due to critical illness.

They’re available for families of patients on intensive care wards at our hospitals.

Senior Sister Mags O’Grady said: “Families think they’re brilliant. They use them to record what’s been happening at home and some have even added newspaper cut-outs and drawings from their children.

“They help the families to see the progress made by the patient too.  We also sometimes write messages in the diaries to the patient, to give them information about the care they’ve received.”

We’ve had lots of positive feedback from families who have used the diaries, including those who have said it made them feel more involved in their loved one’s care.

Pictured are some of our neuro intensive care staff.

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