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Children’s artwork encourages hygienic hands

Hand hygiene poster competition

Hand hygiene poster competition

Posters designed by young patients have been put up on the children’s wards at Queen’s and King George hospitals to encourage good hand hygiene.

We held a competition to keep younger patients entertained, whilst also learning about the importance of clean hands to stop the spread of germs.

Lauren Greenland, 14, and Archie Newland, three, designed the winning posters in each category, which are now laminated and displayed throughout the children’s wards.

Lauren, of Elmdene Avenue, Hornchurch, who was in hospital overnight due to heart palpitations, said: “I thought it was schoolwork at first. It did take my mind off being in hospital, especially as my iPad had died.”

Archie’s mum Claire Fehrenbach, of Franklin Road, Hornchurch, added: “He loved doing it, and it’s nice to come back in for something positive to see his poster on the wall.”

He had been in hospital after having seizures.

The winners were presented with prizes by Chief Nurse, Kathryn Halford, and Deputy Chief Nurse and Director of Midwifery Wendy Matthews.

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