Messages from our Executive Team

Each week our Chief Executive shares an update on what’s been going on in our Trust and how we’re managing. In addition, our leadership team are sharing their thoughts and their thanks to our staff through video messages, which are a real boost to staff morale.

We thought you’d find them interesting, so you can read the updates and watch the videos in the sections below.

Chief Executive Tony Chambers’ Covid-19 stakeholder bulletins

You can view our Covid-19 update stakeholder bulletins from Chief Executive, Tony Chambers by visiting the links below:

Video messages from our Executives

Tony Chambers, Chief Executive

Tony Chambers thanks staff as we see more patients recover from Covid-19

Tony Chambers says thank you to our staff during Covid-19.

David Amos, Director of People and Organisational Development

Our Director Of People and Organisational Development Director David Amos, thanks all our staff including our partners Sodexo and Interserve for working together with dedication and commitment amidst the current pandemic.  

Shelagh Smith, Chief Operating Officer

Our Chief Operating Officer Shelagh Smith, thanks our staff for their support over the past few weeks which has seen a complete transformation of how both our hospital sites operate at this time.  

Dr Magda Smith,Chief Medial Officer

Our Chief Medical Officer Dr Magda Smith, thanks our clinical staff for how quickly they have adapted to working very differently and collaboratively across different specialities and teams at what is an unprecedented time for the NHS.

Kathryn Halford, Chief Nurse

Our Chief Nurse Kathryn Halford, thanks our nursing staff, healthcare assistants, AHPs and others for their flexibility to quickly adapt,  learn and practice new skills to change teams and transform the way we are delivering care during the pandemic.

Nick Swift, Chief Financial Officer

Our Chief Financial Officer Nick Swift, thanks our staff working in our estates, logistics, procurement, finance and strategy teams for how they are working extremely hard in different areas to meet new challenges to enable us to deal with the coronavirus (Covid-19) situation.