Maternity pilot

Our Maternity department is taking part in a Department of Health pilot which is looking at how best to establish whether or not people are eligible for free NHS care. For example, non-UK residents must pay for their care.

What does the pilot mean for me?

We’re asking all patients to bring two forms of ID, one with your picture and one with your address. This is to ascertain whether you are a UK resident.

You’ll be asked to provide ID at your first maternity appointment with us, usually your 12-week scan. If your appointment is soon and you won’t be able to bring them with you, don’t worry, you can bring them to your next appointment.

Photographic ID could be

  • Current, signed passport
  • Residence permit issued by the UK Border Agency
  • Valid UK photo-card full driving licence
  • EU or Swiss national identity photo-card
  • Valid armed forces or police photo ID
  • Blue badge with picture
  • Citizen card
  • Valid bus pass

And documents with your address could be (must be dated in the last six months):

  • Original utility bill such as gas, electric, water, phone bill (landline, not mobile)
  • Current council tax bill
  • Bank, building society or credit union statement or passbook
  • Recent original mortgage statement from a recognised lender
  • Current council or housing association rent book or tenancy agreement
  • Letter from the Department for Work and Pensions confirming your right to benefits or a state pension
  • Evidence of electoral registration.

Will my care be affected?

This will have no impact on the care you receive, and no one will be refused care.

Please make sure you attend all your appointments, it’s really important for the health and wellbeing of you and your baby.

If you have any concerns, or don’t think you have the right form of ID, you can call 01708 435 165 and we’ll be able to help you.