Urgent advice line: 01708 435 000 Ext. 6662

Please fill in the urgent eye care referral form [docx] 17KB and email it to bhrut.urgenteyecare@nhs.net

Low vision

RNIB Eye Clinic Liaison Officer (ECLO): Caroline Christou

Patients should be referred to one of our services for diagnosis and management before being referred to the low vision service. Please include patient name, NHS number, date of birth, and contact details on any referral.

Refer routinely unless they are a vulnerable person and struggling with activities of daily living, there are risks in the home, a history of depression, or recent falls etc.

If the causative condition is known, please refer to that subspecialty e.g. macular degeneration or retinitis pigmentosa to medical retina.

If possible, please state near and distance vision, current and previous low vision aids with approximate dates, and whether they have previously been registered as sight impaired (SI) or severely sight impaired (SSI).

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