King George Hospital test centre

COVID-19 Local Testing Programme


King George Hospital
Ilford Essex

Please attend within the specified time slot only and at the relevant swabbing station indicated to you at the time of arranging your appointment (either one or two).

Visiting our test centre

To avoid risk of cross-contamination, our testing centre operates as a drive-through service only.

1) When you arrive at the entrance to King George Hospital on Barley Lane, follow the road towards the main entrance.

King George Hospital entrance

2) Continue right - look out for A4 signs labelled ‘ST’ on a blue background attached to lampposts that will help to guide you.

Inside the hospital

3) Join the queue for either swab station one. A member of staff will come to your vehicle to undertake the swab Do not exit the car at any point whilst on site.

Aerial view of hospital  

Please park with your handbrake on and turn your engine off and also turn off any in-car entertainment. Toilet facilities are not available.

Details about your test

The test you will receive is a throat and nose swab test. You will not be required to leave the car to take this test

After your test

It is important while you are waiting for your test and then your results that you stay at home and continue to follow the government guidelines for self-isolation throughout this process.