Infant feeding

Mum sitting breastfeeding twins Breastfeeding gives your baby the best start in life – you can provide all the nutrients they need and skin-to-skin contact from the start will help you both form a close, loving bond. It protects her against infection and disease, it’s free and convenient, and it has all different types of health benefits for you, too. 

We’re baby friendly

We know that some of our mums and babies can find breast feeding difficult at first, which is  completely natural. That’s where we come in - we’re a Baby Friendly Stage 2 accredited hospital, so if you have any questions about feeding your baby, our midwives are more than happy to help.

Come along to one of our Infant Feeding Cafes [pdf] 240KB

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Infant feeding team

If you need more help and support, our infant feeding team are on hand to give you practical advice, make care plans for your baby, and we can even refer to services closer to home when you leave hospital.

We’re available Monday to Friday, so if you want to chat while you’re in hospital, speak to a member of the ward team. Email us at

Formula feeding

Breast or formula – it’s your choice – and we’ll support you whichever way you go. We don’t hold a stock of formula and we have nowhere to make bottles, so it’s best to bring ready-made.

Remember to use small bottles to cut down on waste:

  • They take up less space in our fridges
  • Storage time might be shorter than what you’re used to at home because our fridges are in constant use

Read about bottle feeding advice on NHS Choices