We undertake swallows, meals, follow throughs, enemas, small bowel enema, sialograms, fistulograms, arthrograms, using appropriate contrast medium. Studies of the urinary tract and bladder are also held. The consultant radiologist works with a radiographer and a nurse to carry out the procedures.

Key telephone numbers

We can be contacted on:

Queens Hospital appointment enquiries
01708 435301


Referrals are accepted from the wards, outpatients and GPs. Forms must be sent or taken to the x-ray department. Once the request forms are vetted by the radiologist, appointments are made and then preparation sheets, medication and a description of the procedure is sent to the patient.

Outpatient waiting times vary from examination to examination but the average wait is 4 weeks.

Any urgent request can be discussed with the radiologist for priority booking.

We have to ensure that there is no possibility of pregnancy in females presenting for fluoroscopic examinations as there could be a risk of damage to the foetus. If there is any possibility that you could be pregnant please let us know before the procedure. Females between the age of 11 and 55 will be asked at each stage of the appointment whether there is any possibility that they may be pregnant.

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