Complementary Therapy services

We offer a selection of complementary therapies to our patients with cancer and their carers under the care of our Oncology or Haematology consultants.

Therapies offered include;

  • massage
  • aromatherapy
  • reflexology
  • Indian head massage
  • hand and foot massage
  • relaxation
  • Bach flower remedies

Key telephone numbers

Advice line: 01708 504 208

Reception: 01708 504208 or email:

Cancel/change and appointment: 01708 504208 or email

What types of treatment are available in our service?

The massage helps to improve lymphatic flow and muscle tone. Essential oils are selected on the day of treatment to create an individual blend for you. This treatment is very relaxing and can help reduce the effects of stress and tension.

Reflexology is a treatment that is preformed mainly on the feet. A light touch is used and reflex points are worked in a specific way. It can help alleviate tension, reduce pain and nausea and improve blood flow.

Indian head massage is a therapy that is carried out on the head, shoulders and neck. Specific massage movements are used to reduce tension in the shoulders, neck and head area. The muscles in this region can become extremely tense. This treatment is deeply calming and relaxing. It can also help improve concentration and relieve headaches.

Massage for cancer is a holistic therapy. The massage is specific for the needs of the client and focuses on areas of tension. Pure vegetable oil with a positive touch is used on a chosen area to reduce muscle tension.

Bach Flower remedies are a system of Flower essences that are prescribed and mixed to aid emotional support that can be self-administered by the patient which has been proven to be completely safe.

Preparing for your appointment

Eat and drink as normal and continue with prescribed medication.

Clinic locations

Georgia Cordery Therapy Room
Haematology and Oncology outpatient department
Orange Zone
Ground Floor
Queen's Hospital

Appointments are available Monday to Friday 10am to 3pm.

Key staff

  • Julie Campbell, Complementary Therapy Co-ordinator 
  • Pragna Magudia, Complementary Therapist
  • Pragna Magudia, Complementary Therapist

Frequently asked questions

Is there a charge?

We ask for a minimal donation of £5.00, if possible, to cover costs and to continue the service.

Am I restricted to a certain number of treatments?

We offer six treatments and then review and assess the need for any more. Therapy can be stopped at any time if the patient wishes.

Will it affect my cancer?

All treatments are not in any way a method of tumour reduction. The therapies help reduce side effects of treatment and help with relaxation and sleeping.

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