Cognitive disorders clinic

We see all types of cognitive disorders namely memory, language, visuo-spatial, praxis, object and facial recognition or attentional disturbance.

This includes, for example, suspected Alzheimer’s disease, vascular dementia, dementia with Lewy bodies, and frontotemporal dementia.

There is no age limit but the service is particularly suitable for younger patients (less than 65 years old) for whom the differential diagnosis is more likely to include non-neurodegenerative / vascular conditions.

What types of treatments are available in your service?

Patients are assessed in clinic and investigations. These assessments may be  comprised of appropriate combinations of brain imaging (usually MRI), neuropsychology assessment, blood tests, EEG, lumbar puncture, DAT scan and other specialist tests.

Appropriate patients may be offered the opportunity to partake in drug trials and academic research projects on dementia.

Clinics or Inpatient locations

Queen’s Hospital, Romford

We hold the Cognitive disorders clinic on Thursday mornings at Queen’s Hospital.

Referrals and other information

You can be referred by your GP, psychiatrist, neurologist and general physician via the Choose and Book system or letter to Queen's Hospital.

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Was this page useful?