Children's Services

We provide inpatient management for children in a family-friendly environment with specially trained children’s doctors and nursing staff. We also have facilities to observe unwell children within our paediatric assessment unit, where a decision can be made to either admit the child or whether the child can safely be managed at home with a clearly documented management plan.

We have a team of outreach nurses offering care for children within the community, working closely with our colleagues in primary and community care.


Queen’s Hospital

  • ACAD - a 14-bed day assessment and treatment unit (includes paediatric assessment unit)
  • Children’s outpatients - a designated children’s area including a waiting area with play activities for siblings
  • Neonatal unit
  • Postnatal ward and Coral ward on the first floor

King George Hospital

  • At King George Hospital we are based on Clover ward - a 14-bed children's inpatient ward
  • Clover ward includes our Paediatric Assessment unit and outpatient area

 How does an external healthcare provider refer to our service?

For clinical referrals at Queen’s Hospital, please call 01708 435 000:

  • ext 6823 for the Paediatric Senior House Officer on-call
  • ext 6816 for the Paediatric Registrar on-call
  • ext 6914 for the Neonatal Senior House Officer on-call
  • ext 6789 for the Neonatal registrar on-call
  • ext 6134 (clinical queries only) for the Paediatric consultant on-call (9am-7pm) / Hot Clinic referral
  • ext 6481 for the Neonatal consultant on-call (9am-7pm).


For clinical referrals at King George Hospital, please call 020 8983 8000 and ask the operator to bleep:

  • 8273 for the Paediatric Senior House Officer on-call
  • 8384 for the Paediatric Registrar on-call
  • 8284 for the Neonatal Senior House Officer on-call
  • 8380 for the Neonatal registrar

Other relevant information 

Once referred by my GP how quickly can my child be seen by a Paediatrician?

Your child will be seen within approximately 3-4 weeks’ time, much sooner than the national waiting time.

If I need to see a paediatrician quickly, what process should I follow?

If you and your GP feel that your child needs a paediatric assessment quickly, your GP can speak directly to a Consultant Paediatrician over the phone - Monday to Friday - during normal working hours. The Consultant Paediatrician will be able to arrange an assessment within the next 24 to 48 hours if deemed necessary. If, however, your child is acutely sick, your GP will direct you to the Emergency Department.

Will I be able to speak to a consultant every day if my child needs to stay in the hospital?

Yes, consultant paediatricians see every child every day during ward rounds. You will have the opportunity to discuss anything with them.

A short video has been prepared to offer you and your child some more information about what to expect when visiting children services.

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