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About us

The childrens diabetes team provides specialist care for children and young people up to the age of 18 years with diabetes. Our service provides support from diagnosis through to transition to adult services. We provide education and support to healthcare professionals in the hospital and community setting. We also carry out school education, and act as a liaison for diabetes management in schools and nurseries.

We are a multidisciplinary team supported by the service administrator offering specialist nursing, medical, dietetic and psychology support.

We have a well-established insulin pump service and currently provide the Medtronic 640G, Accu-chek Insight and Cellnovo pumps. We provide a comprehensive insulin pump training programme for families and school staff in our ‘Pump school’. We can also offer Flash Glucose Monitoring (Libre) and Continuous Glucose Sensor Monitoring (CGSM) according to local and NICE guidelines and subject to CCG prescribing/ funding criteria for each borough.

We currently deliver a Monday to Friday service with an emergency out of hours telephone on-call service which is supported by the paediatric registrar and diabetes team.

Your diabetes team is available Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm

If you wish to contact us via telephone our direct number is 01708503447.

You are also able to contact us via email at please do not email any urgent queries or in an emergency.

Out of hours

Please try and contact your team within working hours whenever possible. If you need advice out of hours please contact the main hospital switchboard on 01708435000 and dial extension 6812 to speak to the paediatric registrar on call.


Our Children's Diabetes Nursing Team

We are a team of childrens diabetes specialist nurses, our role is to:

  • Support, educate and guide the child/young person and their family/caregivers on the general management of their diabetes, from diagnosis in the hospital setting and after discharge home. This includes training on all the practical aspects of diabetes management such as blood glucose testing, administration of insulin using the pen devices or insulin pump, using a blood glucose meter/ Freestyle Libre sensor, and other devices as well as reassurance and advice
  • Teach and empower families how to interpret results and offer advice on the necessary adjustments required to their child’s insulin regime, diet or activity
  • Review patients in clinic, offer advice on insulin adjustments, and general management of diabetes
  • Provide formal school training sessions, and act as a liaison for diabetes management
  • Complete school care plans
  • Be available via telephone/e- mail for advice
  • Carry out education either on the ward, during clinic, or one to one basis if required
  • Liaise with other members of the team in managing diabetes care

Diabetes Dietitians

Dietitians are qualified health professionals that assess, diagnose and treat dietary and nutritional problems.

Pediatric dietitians work with children and young adults. They focus on early nutritional needs, and developing and implementing treatment plans for children with a range of different conditions, including diabetes.

A dietitian working with children with diabetes will help to dispel myths about diabetes and food. Along with the rest of the diabetes team, they will help you to adjust your insulin around the same healthy, balanced diet that is recommended for everyone. They offer specific nutritional advice that fits in with your daily routine and lifestyle.

Dietitians also provide extra education and training that can help you understand how to manage the amount of carbohydrate you eat and the insulin you take to help control blood glucose levels more effectively.

Clinic codes

*MDT – Multi Disaplinary Team. You will see a consultant/ specialist registrar, diabetes nurse and dietitian
Clinic codes
Clinic Code Who You Will See Location Day of the Week
KOBND Diabetes Nurse and Dietitian King George Hospital Monday AM
KOB1A MDT King George Hospital Monday PM
KOBDD MDT King George Hospital Monday PM
MRK1B MDT King George Hospital Monday PM
KOB2C MDT Queen’s Hospital Tuesday PM
MRKPD MDT King George Hospital Tuesday PM
KHN3A Transition MDT King George Hospital Tuesday PM
KOB4B Diabetes Dietitian King George Hospital Wednesday AM
KOBDP Pump  MDT Queen’s Hospital Thursday PM
KOB7D Diabetes Dietitian Queen’s Hospital Thursday PM
KOBNL Diabetes Specialist Nurse Queen’s Hospital Friday PM
MRKNL Diabetes Specialist Nurse King George Hospital Friday PM

Useful diabetes contacts and websites

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

This is a website for those of you who are involved in sport

(These podcasts have been devised by young people with diabetes together with the diabetes team at the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital.  They are for young people aged 14 and over)

Diabetes UK

General information and Fact sheets for Young People with Diabete

Association of Children's Diabetes Clinicians' website

Management of diabetes in school

INPUT Patient Advocacy is a UK charity with a mission to help people access appropriate diabetes technology and support for its use from the NHS, including insulin pumps, smart glucose meters and continuous glucose monitoring. INPUT is run by people with type 1 diabetes and their families

How to video guides - diabetes

  • Medtronic Helpline: 01923 205 167
  • Bayer: 08456006030
  • Omnipod helpline:0800 0926787
  • Accu-check Meters :0800 701000 
  • Roche Pumps: 0800 7312291
  • Dexcom: 0800 031 5761
  • Freestyle Libre: 0800 170 1177

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