Care of the elderly

The Care of the Elderly department provides general medical care to all elderly patients that are admitted to King George and Queen’s hospitals.

We provide specialist outpatient clinics for

  • Falls
  • Confusion
  • Dementia and delirium
  • Memory
  • Orthogeriatric, and
  • General medical clinics for more complex issues (patients with more than one illness and who therefore, do not fit neatly into any particular category).

Our memory service liaises closely with voluntary agencies such as Age UK.


Queen’s Hospital on 01708 504 220 / 504 220 (fax: 01708 503160)

King George Hospital on 020 8970 8404 / 8402 (fax: 020 8970 8406)

What types of treatments are available?

Comprehensive geriatric assessment and care is provided by 12 consultants supported by a team of dedicated and experienced specialist nurses, therapists with input from borough-based social care practitioners.

During a patient stay there is great emphasis on prompt diagnosis and multidisciplinary rehabilitation. Maintaining dignity and individual privacy is extremely important and experienced therapy staff work closely with the medical staff to achieve this.

There are three acute elderly units (AEU) (Harvest A, Sunrise A and Sunrise B) and an elderly short stay unit (ESSU) on Sky A at Queen's Hospital. We also have a Frail Older Persons Advice & Liaison service (FOPAL) in the medical assessment unit and Emergency Department, to provide comprehensive geriatric assessment for frail elders, which guides our management.

At King George Hospital, we have an acute elderly unit (Fern Ward) and two wards (Elm and Erica) that provide acute post-operative orthogeriatric rehabilitation.

In partnership with North East London Foundation Trust (NELFT), we offer rehabilitation services at Grays court, St George Hospital, Brentwood Community Hospital and Wanstead.

Lead consultants

Our Consultant Geriatricians at Queen's Hospital are:

  • Dr N Ahmad, Clinical Lead, special interest in elderly medicine, dementia and memory problems
  • Dr O Adeotoye, special interest in community rehabilitation and falls
  • Dr M Uddin, special interest in orthogeriatrics and falls
  • Dr S Wicks, special interest in Parkinson’s disease
  • Dr M Smith, special interest in surgical liaison of the elderly, educational lead for doctors
  • Dr D Walker, special interest in acute medicine/general medical conditions

Our Consultant Geriatricians at King George Hospital are:

  • Dr K Haque, specialist interest in dementia and delirium
  • Dr A Ahonkai, special interest in orthogeriatrics / community rehabilitation / complex elderly with co-morbidities
  • Dr H A Qassab, special interest in education, general geriatrics, complex elderly with co-morbidities and clinical pharmacology
  • Dr K Niranjan, special interest in stroke, Parkinson’s disease and community rehabilitation
  • Dr V Wijesuriya, special interest in community geriatrics including rehabilitation, general geriatrics with complex co-morbidities, falls and off legs


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