Breast treatment

Our breast treatment unit is one of the largest in the UK. We provide care for women with breast cancer as well as other issues that are picked up through our routine breast screening programme. On average, 500 breast cancers are diagnosed by us each year.

Most patients are directly referred by their GPs for diagnosis and investigations. We provide comprehensive multi-disciplinary breast cancer services. The unit’s aim is to deliver high-quality treatment for all stages of breast cancers and other breast conditions.

Key telephone numbers

Elm Clinic Admin Office - 0208 970 8197

Breast Care Nurses - 0208 970 8476

Breast Admissions Team – 0208 970 8353

Clinic Location

Elm Breast Care Centre
Block 6
King George Hospital
Barley Lane

Key staff

Tracey Barnes, Patient Pathway Supervisor - 0208 970 8193

Kuldip Chagggers, Matron – 0208 970 8000 ext. 8341

Our consultants are:

  • Mr Wael Ismail
  • Mr Arikoge Ogedegbe
  • Mr Akin Ojo
  • ​​​​​​​Mr Anthony Pittathankal
  • ​​​​​​​Ms Suzette Samlalsingh
  • ​​​​​​​Mr Tajudeen Wahab 

What does this service offer?

  • Triple assessment and one-stop breast clinics for symptomatic patients
  • Breast screening assessment as part of the national breast screening service (NHBSS)
  • Oncology service (chemotherapy and radiotherapy)
  • Dedicated family history clinics and breast oncoplastic/reconstructive services.

We provide:

  • outpatient clinics for symptomatic breast diseases, including mammograms, ultrasound scans and breast MRI and biopsies
  • management of symptomatic breast cancers
  • management of screen-detected breast cancers
  • treatment of breast abscess, fibroadenoma and other benign conditions.

Useful information

What is Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology (FNAC)?

It is a needle test to obtain a few cells from an abnormality and studied under microscope. It takes a few minutes and usually no more painful than a blood test.

What is a core biopsy?

This is a bigger needle test to obtain larger tissue, done under local anaesthesia. The tissue is studied under microscope and results are given to you during your next clinic appointment in a few days.

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