Queen's Hospital multi-storey car park closure

Queen's Hospital multi-storey car park closure

Essential improvement works on the multi-storey car park at Queen’s Hospital are taking place from 20 July to 14 September.

During the first three weeks, the car park will be fully closed to patients and we will only have parking available for: blue badge holders; concessions; maternity, oncology, haematology and dialysis patients; and emergencies.

Read more on our parking page.


We would like to reassure you that the Audiology Department remains open to support our patients. We are currently providing face to face appointments where appropriate. Many of our Follow Up services are moving towards Virtual Clinics via secure video or phone lines.

Please do not turn up to the department without an appointment, as we will be unable to see you. We are currently providing hearing aid repairs, earmould tubing and life tube replacements via the post and we are happy to post you your hearing aid batteries upon request.

Call 01708 503 579 or email bhrut.audiology@nhs.net with any questions or queries and we will be happy to help.

Audiology services

  • Hearing tests
  • Hearing aid fitting, repairs and maintenance
  • Hearing loss advice and rehabilitation
  • Tinnitus help, support and therapy
  • Wax removal
  • Balance assessment

Some of these services may require a specific referral.

Additional hearing services

  • Diagnostic support to the Ear, Nose and Throat department for hearing and balance for adults and children aged three and over
  • Pre-operative hearing tests for adults and children
  • Tinnitus help, support and management
  • On-going support for hearing aid users (including fittings)
  • Hearing aid repairs and adjustments
  • Information on how to acquire environmental aids and referrals to social services for help and advice
  • Home visits for patients who are housebound and meet criteria for a visit
  • GP Direct Referral for hearing assessment or reassessment

Clinic locations

We currently offer booked face to face appointments at both Queen's Hospital and King George Hospital where appropriate.

Queen's Hospital, Rom Valley Way, RM7 0AG

Our clinic at Queen's Hospital is located on the first floor in Outpatients Team 2. Team 2 is located up the stairs / escalator from the main atrium and along the landing. Our reception office is on your left when entering the department and is open between 09.00 and 17.30.

King George Hospital, Barley Lane, IG3 8YB

Our clinic at King George Hospital is located on the ground floor in outpatients Base 1 (just follow the green signs from the main entrance). There is no reception at King George Hospital, so when you arrive, please take a seat at your appointment time and you will be called through by one of the team. Please do not disturb the audiologists in their rooms, as they may be in consultation with a patient.

King George Whipps Cross University Hospital / Barts Health Patients

Please note that this Audiology service previously located halfway down the corridor in Base 3 has now closed. To access their services, please telephone 020 8535 6686 or email bartshealth.adultaudiology@nhs.net

Further Information and FAQs

Is there a walk-in service for repairs?

There is no walk-in service for repairs and hearing aid battery collection at either site due to the current restrictions. Please contact our reception on 01708 503 579 or bhrut.audiology@nhs.net who will be happy to help.

Can I have a smaller hearing aid?

There are different sized hearing aids depending on how powerful they are. Hearing aids are prescribed in accordance with your hearing loss an difficulties. Which one is suitable for you depends on the severity of your hearing loss, clinical considerations and other factors that dictate which type of aid fitting would be best. If you would like to discuss your current prescription, please contact the department to arrange an appointment.

Can I have a thin tube instead of an ear mould?

The type of fitting used for your hearing aid will be dependent on your ear health, hearing loss and history. Unfortunately, the “Life tube or thin tube” type of fitting is not suitable for all types of hearing loss and ear conditions. Your Audiologist will select the most suitable type of fitting with your current prescription and history in mind. If you would like to discuss this further, please contact the department to arrange an appointment.

How long do I have to wait for an appointment to look at my hearing aid?

Please contact the service to discuss what issues you are having. Our approachable admin team will be able to direct you as to if you will require a face to face appointment, or if you would be required to post your hearing aid in for a repair. This is in keeping with current professional, Government and Trust guidance, which may be subject to change.

Hearing Aid Service

If you require assistance with managing your new aid or you think an adjustment is required, please contact us by telephone or email to discuss. If a face to face or virtual appointment is required, an Audiologist can spend some extra time with you.

You can be seen virtually, or face to face in clinic at Queen's Hospital or King George Hospital, if clinically appropriate.

Contact Us

Please contact our reception to book an appointment. Reception is open from 9am to 5pm.

Telephone: 01708 503 579 or 01708 435000, extension 3577.

Email: bhrut.audiology@nhs.net

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