We would just like to reassure you that the Audiology Department remains open to support our patients. We are currently providing hearing aid repairs, earmould tubing and life tube replacements via the post and are also sending out hearing aid batteries on request. Please call 01708 503 579 or email with any questions or queries and we will be happy to help.

Our Audiology team offers a range of services including:

  • hearing tests
  • hearing aid fitting and repairs, and
  • tinnitus help, support and therapy

Contact us

Reception: 01708 503 579
Email us at

Additional hearing services:

  • diagnostic support to the Ear, Nose and Throat department for hearing and balance for adults and children aged three and over
  • pre-operative hearing tests for adults and children
  • tinnitus help, support and management
  • on-going support for hearing aid users (including fittings)
  • hearing aid repairs and adjustments
  • information on how to acquire environmental aids and referrals to social services for help and advice
  • home visits for patients who are housebound or who are on oxygen and unable to travel to the department (hearing aid users only)
  • GP direct referral for hearing aid service (50 years and over)

Clinic locations

We currently offer booked appointments at both Queen's and King George hospitals.

Queen's Hospital

Our clinic at Queen's Hospital is located on the first floor in Outpatients Team 2. Team 2 is located up the stairs / escalator from the main atrium, and along the landing. Our reception/office is on your left when entering the department and is open between 8.30am and 5.30pm.

King George Hospital

Our clinic at King George Hospital is located on the ground floor in outpatients base 1 (just follow the green signs from the main entrance). There is no reception at King George Hospital, when you arrive take a seat at your appointment time and you will be called through.Other Services: Whipps Cross University Hospital also offer appointments at King George Hospital, they are located in Base 3 (signposted in Orange) – their contact number is 0208 970 8025.

Key staff

Mark Newman  
Head of Audiology and Jonathan Wright is the Deputy Head of Audiology

Julie Smith
Senior Receptionist/Admin Manager

Other information

Is there a walk-in service for repairs?

There is no walk-in service for repairs but you can collect your batteries at any time during the hours our reception office is open or from the main hospital reception desk.

Can I have a smaller hearing aid?

There are different sized hearing aids but it depends on the severity of your hearing loss. 

Can I have a wire instead of an ear mould?

The “Life tube” wire type fitting is not suitable for all types of hearing loss.

How long do I have to wait for an appointment to have my hearing aid repaired?

Usually not more than one to three days.

Protect your ears while wearing a mask

Wearing a mask with a hearing aid

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Was this page useful?