Queen's Birth Centre

Queen's Birth CentreMothers-to-be and birth partners, book your tour of our Maternity unit at Queen’s Hospital - Tuesdays and Fridays at 10.00am. Call 01708 435088

The Queen’s Birth Centre offers you a relaxed and supportive environment for the birth of your baby, in a home-from-home facility. 

The Queen’s Birth Centre is available to all women who have had no complications during their antenatal period or in previous pregnancies or deliveries, and who meet the criteria for a low risk birth. If you are unsure, please discuss it with your own community midwife.

You will be cared for by experienced midwives with the support of midwifery care assistants, providing care 24 hours a day. We offer one-to-one care during labour.

The Centre is a brand new facility, opened on 8th January 2013, and offers:
8 birthing rooms
4 postnatal care beds
2 overnight rooms, with double beds
All rooms are en suite with shower and toilet
Kitchen area for you and your partner to prepare snacks
Two of the birthing rooms have integrated pools
Portable pools are available in other birthing rooms
All birthing rooms have wet rooms so you can shower while using a birthing ball and relax during labour
Birthing rooms also have birthing couches, birthing balls, recliner chairs for partners and dimmer lighting

Our philosophy is to provide a home-from-home environment for childbirth, which is more natural and less encumbered by medical technology. Women work with their midwife, who provides one-to-one care during labour.

Queen's Birth CentreOur midwives believe in a personal service to each woman, looking at their individual needs, culture and choice for this special time.

Your birth partner can stay with you during and after birth, in our delivery rooms or overnight room.

Depending on your labour, and the time you give birth and checks on your baby, we aim to help you back home 6 hours after birth.

Various forms of pain relief are available, including gas and air, relaxation, water, natal hypnotherapy and birthing balls. We also welcome the use of use of complementary therapies during labour, such as aromatherapy, homeopathy and acupuncture carried out by your own qualified practitioner. Epidurals and prescription pain relief can only be obtained from the main labour ward.

Should any problems arise during labour, or if you decide you want to have pain relief requiring a doctor, we will arrange for you to be transferred to the Queen’s Labour Ward. You can rest assured that all of the very latest equipment and specialist care is on site should you need it or choose to use it.

When in labour please call the Triage Department for advice on 01708 503 742.

For more information about the Queen’s Birth Centre please discuss with your community midwife or call: 01708 503 129