Day surgery unit

The Day Surgery Unit (DSU) at Queen's provides specialised central facilities for the care and treatment of patients undergoing minor and intermediate surgical and diagnostic procedures, under both general or local anaesthesia.

We also care for patients who are planned to need admission and ward-based care after their operation. We admit patients to the DSU and then transfer patients to the wards post procedure.

We perform a variety of operations from the following specialities:
• General surgery including varicose veins, hernia repairs, laparoscopic cholecystectomies and keyhole gallbladder removal
• Orthopaedic - bone and joint surgery
• Trauma and orthopaedics
• Maxilla-facial surgery including teeth extraction and jaws
• Dermatology including the removal or biopsy of small lesions
• Chronic Pain - steroid injections, nerve derivation
• Neurosurgery - carpal tunnel decompression
• Plastics (grafts)
• Ear, nose and throat
• Ophthalmology including cataracts, lid surgery and squint correction

We welcome any comments, enquiries or suggestions about the unit and have made positive changes in the past as a result of your comments. Please email: (although please do not use this email for confirming your admission).